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Bronze and brass casting from the manufacturer



ООО "Укрбронза" - является производственным предприятием и осуществляет производство проката,  заготовок и чистовых  деталей из сплавов based on copper (bronze and brass).

To carry out production activities, the company has all the necessary equipment: a foundry furnace, molding and centrifugal equipment, as well as turning and milling machines.

Employees of our company have many years of experience, thanks to which we obtain high quality products.


Centrifugal casting is a method of producing castings having the form of bodies of revolution, such as: bushings, rings, worm wheel rims, liners, motor-axial bearings, etc.
In centrifugal casting, molten metal is poured into a rotating mold, where, under the action of centrifugal forces, it is thrown against the walls and solidifies. Thus, a hollow casting is obtained.



First, a model (a copy of the part) is made of wood, metal or polystyrene, which is molded with a sand mixture in an apoca. After extracting the model, voids are formed, which are filled with liquid metal through the gating system. After solidification, the castings are removed, sprues and sprues are cut off, cleaned and fed to the machining area.


With this method of casting, liquid metal is poured into a metal mold, where it takes on the required geometry of the part.
In the production of Ukrbronza LLC, parts that have a simple shape are poured into the mold, as a rule, these are circles and rods. This method also carries out welding of bronze crowns onto a steel hub.



After receiving and cleaning the castings, they go to the machining section, where the parts are pre-roughed, as well as finishing according to the customer's drawings.
LLC "Ukrbronza" performs turning of castings with a diameter of up to 1000mm, milling of parts up to 1200x500mm.
By agreement with the customer, it is possible to process parts on modern CNC machines

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To calculate the cost of manufacturing parts, you must send drawings or sketches to e-mail or instant messenger.
For selling organizations, please do not call, but send your offers by e-mail.

Ukraine, Dnipro, st. Kursantskaya, 1D

+38 (097)133-95-75 (066)428-21-24

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